Who Are You Seeing

Over the last year, while providing Counseling on Zoom, I have spent more time in front a screen, than at any other point of my life. As I have listened to, and watched others, it strikes me this is true for most of us.

With the amount of time spent watching ourselves, via every conceivable social medium platform and watching others in the same way, I’m wondering how this is impacting us actually seeing ourselves and others.

Lack of self-compassion and loneliness are two themes I encounter over and over as I listen to people share stories of anxiety, depression and overall “stuckness”. Right now, we are still COVID “masked” on the streets, and I believe, we are even more “masked” in our social media personas. This disconnection with ourselves and ultimately with others is, I believe, creating a very painful space for many of us.

What words or actions of compassion do you need to give yourself?

In what ways are you “competing” with others, that you need to stop?

Who do you need to stop and really see?

What words of actions of compassion can you give them?

Common Humanity

Where do you work? The last two months I have worked in garages, closets, bathrooms, bedrooms, playrooms, outside, hotels, the beach and in an occasional office.

Who do you work with? I have worked with clients with their young kids screaming, fighting with their siblings, asking for “just one more thing. I have worked with barking dogs and cats walking over keyboards. And with grade school kids peeking through office windows behind their parents back.

COVID 19 brought people home. It has allowed us to connect with one and another in all of our humanness.

Who have you connected with in a different way, during this pandemic?

How do you want to change the way you connect with others going forward?

What have you allowed others to “see” that you usually keep “hidden?”

What do you want to show more of going forward?

I'm Not Going Back....I'm Going Towards

COVID 19 has brought the whole world to a screaming halt. A sense of stillness has consumed our cities and streets. Most of our places of normalcy; stores, businesses, workplaces etc. have been closed for a while. And yet as I speak to people, I am witnessing an openness, a fullness of insights; a plethora of lessons being learned. As one person stated, “I am not going back…. back to work in the same way, back to over-scheduled kids, back to spinning in business. I am going towards…towards appreciating stillness in the everyday, long dinners, quiet nights and intentional decision making.

What are you learning about yourself in this time of sheltering in place?

What is opening up for you in this time of sheltering in place?

What do you NOT want to “go back to”?

What do you to “go towards”?

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