Month of Silence

Post date: May 10, 2020 4:34:49 AM

During a Zoom call, I noticed a poster behind the person I was speaking to. It was artistically displayed, hanging from a pair of clothespins on a cord. I commented on the poster and was told it was entitled “Month of Silence”. It originated from a graduate program in Fine Arts. Every year the art students take one month of silence. During this month, no one gives or receives feedback on their art. They are simply encouraged to be artists – to draw, to paint, to create. Without critique.

What if we gave ourselves a “month of silence” or even a “moment of silence” from our internal critics? What if we silenced our critics and let ourselves create our life, our day, a moment, without comment.

What would this be like for you?

What permission do you need to silence your internal critic for a moment?

What would you gain from being able to “freely create”?