Happy New Year

Post date: Feb 10, 2015 3:52:44 AM

Last year at this time I began my blog site. I stated I would be writing a blog every two weeks. I wrote a total of four last year. Twenty short of my goal! Knowing I had set a goal and having not come anywhere close to reaching it, made me want to 1) deny it was a goal, and 2) never attempt reaching it. Simply put I wanted to forget about it and not touch it again. I had a myriad of excuses as to why, over the year, I could not write – too busy, not enough to say, someone else had probably already said it better, technical difficulty uploading it to my site etc.

Here I sit. It is a new year. Instead of doing what I “wanted” to do, I’m encouraging myself to 1) face the reality of the situation, 2) sit in it and experience the disappointment of not reaching a goal 3) see my excuses for what they are – “faces of resistance” and 4) make a conscious choice to do something different. Here’s to setting new goals or picking up old ones. Here’s to talking one step at a time towards the story we want to live today.

An Assignment

Journal your responses to the following questions. Share the questions and your responses with one other person


Take yourself to December 31, 2015. Looking back what 1 or 2 things would you like to have accomplished?

What changes did you make in 2014 that you want to keep alive?

Where are you stuck right now? What is one thing, you don’t want to do, that might help you get unstuck. Do it.