A Piece of the Puzzle

Post date: Dec 16, 2016 3:32:0 PM

What do you notice when you look at a fully constructed puzzle with one missing piece? You see the missing piece, before you see anything else. Right? That one missing piece makes the difference between a complete puzzle and a puzzle left unfinished. Have you ever taken a close look at puzzle pieces? Each one is quite different from the others. Some have lots of nubs sticking out it all directions, others have several indentations in them – holes if you will, while still others have sleek straight edges. As for color, some puzzle pieces have lots of bright colors painted on them, while others are monotone. Regardless of their shape, size or color, it remains true each piece plays a uniquely important role in the development of the full picture of the puzzle. And when one is missing, it is the only thing we really take note of.

And so it is with each of us. All of us have a unique role to play in this puzzle called life or work or family or community. And when we do not show up, it is noticed. It matters. A lot. Often we feel like it doesn’t. Like we don’t matter all that much. Other times we are unclear as to where we fit in the puzzle. And there are still other times we are convinced that if we had nubs instead of indentations it would be better. Perhaps even easier. And yet, each of us are uniquely made. Each of us has an important role to play in this world. And all of us are missed when we do not show up.

Questions to Consider

What is holding you back from being your piece of the puzzle?

How might your family, work group, community function differently if you were playing your part?

What one step can you take today (new belief, new behavior) to bring your piece to the puzzle?

An Assignment

Take a small puzzle piece and carry it with you this week. Remind yourself you are uniquely created to be you and you have a role to play in the puzzle of life. Remember no two pieces are created alike, so show up!