From Irritants to Ideas

Post date: Jan 27, 2014 4:18:31 AM

The other night I opened our front door to a man, Clint, who was giving away “no soliciting” signs. I asked him what his story was. He said for years he had complained to his wife about his annoyance with solicitors. He did not like interrupting what he was doing, only to be sold something. He was also fearful of his young children rushing to open the door to a stranger. One day, his wife had enough of his griping. So he decided to do something, rather than continuing to complain to now deaf ears. His idea was to make attractive signs that said, “no soliciting” and give them away to all of his neighbors. The idea worked so well that his grandparents asked him to comb their neighborhood. When I met Clint he had already placed 250 signs on homes. I choose to accept a sign. Not to place on my house, but to place in my office as a reminder of the power of moving from being irritated about something to creating a new ideas. Ideas + Action = Change

I invite you to take out your journal and write your thoughts to these questions.

What irks, bugs, or irritates you?

What do you hear yourself complaining about? You might ask some else what they hear you complaining about.

What ideas do you have to change your situation?

Pick one and try it.